Opening Day

Opening Day

Opening day for SPIRIT sports camp always begins on a Sunday. Campers arrive between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. Signs are posted at the Kent School campus to direct you to the main entrance for registration.

During registration, campers sign-in, provide any medications they may require and meet the camp nurse, receive a head lice check, turn in cell phones, and get their dorm assignments.  Then they’re off to their dorms to unpack and meet their roommates.  Families are welcome to visit their child’s room to help them unpack and to tour the campus.  Your child’s Staff Advisor and the Camp Director will be available to meet with you and share an overview of the camp with you during this time.

Families and parents are welcome to depart once their camper has unpacked and settled in.  Activities for campers who have arrived early begin at 2:00pm with all camp activities beginning at 3:00pm.  Shortly afterward, the camp Directors meet with everyone and kick-off the start of a session.  Each camper will meet her Advisor, as well as the other girls in her advisee group, and the activities to meet new campers will begin.

Before dinner, campers will review the master sports schedule and select the sport practices they wish to participate in for the next two weeks.  Each camper also receives her camp uniforms with her Advisee Group today.

Our opening day dinner is served family style and each camper sits with her Advisor and Advisee Group.  There is plenty to eat and a wide variety of foods to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

After a review of camp rules and the schedule for Monday morning, the evening is spent playing interactive games as an entire camp, and then later, as a dorm.  Eventually, the girls head to their rooms for sleep only to dream about the fun that awaits them.