We are more than just a sports camp; if you, the camper, prefer
creative electives, we offer those as well! 

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A Few Words from the Director…

Testimonial“The change in my daughter since her return from camp is remarkable. She is more directed, more confident and more willing to face new challenges.”
Marie S., Wellesley, MA, Parent

Time and time again, parents, campers and camp consultants tell me how unique Spirit Sports Camp truly is.  Putting into writing exactly what the Spirit experience is all about is extremely difficult because it’s something you must experience to fully understand.

Spirit’s a place where girls learn to deal with personal and social issues on a daily basis in a healthy way. What takes place at our camp involves feelings, discussions, thoughts, attitudes and behaviors.  It’s what we learn about ourselves and about each other, and how we share that information with everyone involved that makes us unique.

Spirit is a sports camp, first and foremost, but our mission for the campers is to use their love of sports to make them better individuals.  We do this through a variety of well thought out activities. 

The girls share personal experiences about school, family, peer pressure, teams they play on, and other areas that affect their lives today.  We discuss and role-play how to respond to these areas of personal growth.  We share options with the girls and they understand that their individual responses to today’s world is up to them, we just guide them to make the best decision they can when faced with “unchaperoned” daily challenges...read more


Many children travel great distances to attend Spirit Sports Camp, and we are happy to assist you with all the details. For campers flying into the area, we use Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT. We have bus/van transportation available from Bradley International Airport and New York City.  The charge for these trips depends on origin and the number of passengers. Please call or email us with any travel questions.